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The J. Arthur Group is a recruiting firm that exclusively represents Outreach Pastors. John Emanuelson is the principal of the firm, and he has more than twenty-five years of recruiting experience that was accumulated in the competitive Silicon Valley market in California.


John typically finds potential candidates by networking. That is, when requested to find a pastor for a church, he will start by reaching out to his contacts to identify the most capable candidates. Recommendations of present or former co-workers have a high value in the recruiting business.


Another advantage of working with John is that he is approaching pastors that are customarily not seeking new positions. They are generally happy where they are, they're successful and they're challenged. John's experience is that such individuals usually represent a higher level of competence, and you will find that John's experience has readily prepared him to identify excellence in potential candidates, which is a key to successful recruiting.


Our fees are set by what the churches that ask us to represent them can afford. While we reserve the right to decline the church's offer, for instance if it is below two thousand five hundred dollars, our primary focus is to increase the number of outreach pastors at work in local churches. We are confident we will be adequately compensated for our contributions.


As well, there are no upfront charges. The church will only pay a fee to The J. Arthur Group if the candidate referred by our firm is unconditionally the best the church has found, and the candidate accepts the church’s call. It should also be noted that the donations to the church by the new members that an Outreach Pastor will attract will offset much, if not all, of the salary that will be paid to the new poastor. 


Please consider using our services so we can more effectively reach out to those in our communities that do not yet know Christ.


Outreach is exciting! 



















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