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The J. Arthur Group is led by John Emanuelson, a retired recruiter with over twenty five years of successful experience. John is generally recognized for his ability to identify and represent exceptional candidates. 

John became a Christian almost forty years ago and promptly identified his gift in evangelism, now called outreach. He has devoted himself since then to help advance the interest in outreach among pastors and congregations in churches he and his wife have joined or attended. This interest continues in his recruiting work, as well, because he is always especially privileged to help a church hire a candidate for an Outreach Pastor position or to find such a position in a church for someone that seeks a new and challenging opportunity. John is also equipped to identify and refer other members of church staffs, from Lead Pastors to Associate Pastors that oversee worship and childrens ministries.

Should your church hire a candidate referred by The J. Arthur Group the fee is quite reasonable. There are guarantees built into the fee structure, as well, and there are no upfront charges. The church only pays a fee if the candidate referred by The J. Arthur Group is unconditionally the best the church has found and stays for a previously-agreed-to period of time. 

John loves being a recruiter. Call him today.

PS. That's not John's picture above, and his wife is glad he doesn't have a beard.


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