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The J. Arthur Group, a recruiting firm, exclusively represents pastors that are in transitions . . . they either want to hire a gifted leader for their church or they want to move to another church that will offer new challenges and exciting opportunities. Our company is led by John Emanuelson, a seasoned recruiter with over twenty five years of successful recruiting experience. He treasures being a recruiter, and he is eager to help churches to grow and successfully contribute more to the communities as well as assisting talented pastors that are being called to new places.


John typically finds potential candidates by networking. That is, when requested to find a pastor for a church he will start by reaching out to contacts to obtain their recommendations of the most capable candidates, he will then contact the people that have been recommended, he will interview them, and of those that stand above the others he will then submit the best candidates to the church that has asked John for help. One advantage of working with John is that he is approaching pastors that are typically not seeking new positions. They're generally happy where they are, they're successful and challenged, and our experience is that such a group usually represents a higher level of competence.




Our fee structure is only partially common to other recruiting firms that operate on a contingency basis. Should your church seek a new Senior Pastor the fee will be twenty percent of the first year’s salary. Housing and other allowances are not included as salary. Our fees for Associate Pastors, except Outreach, are ten percent of the first year’s salary. A fee is paid only when the church hires a candidate that has been referred by our firm, and there are no fees due prior to our starting a search on your behalf. The fee is typically paid thirty days after the new pastor starts, but should the just-hired pastor leave for any reason in that thirty calendar days no fee is due.



Outreach Pastors: John’s ministry for almost forty years has been to encourage churches to more enthusiastically focus on evangelism and outreach. To continue this effort now in his recruiting work he is offering special terms to churches that are considering hiring an Outreach Pastor . . . . the recruiting fee is a flat one thousand five hundred dollars when hiring an outreach pastor for your church. The terms described above apply, as well.



Outreach Pastors offer a special benefit to churches which is often overlooked, because they are hired specifically to motivate families and single persons to attend their church and become new members. To explain . . . a church in the Pacific Northwest led by an energetic and innovative senior pastor recently reported an average 2018 weekend attendance of 1,489 people, and the church's total income that included funds beyond those donated by their congregation was $2.4 million. That's an average about $1,600 per person that attends this church. So, should that church hire an Outreach Pastor at perhaps $50K they would need to increase the average weekend attendance by only 31 people to pay that pastor's salary! There would be other expenses to be considered, but covering the salary by such a small increase in attendance certainly highlights the attractiveness of adding an Outreach Pastor to a church’s staff. 



Guarantees that benefit the church are built into our fee structure, as well, and there are no upfront charges. The church only pays a fee if the candidate referred by The J. Arthur Group is unconditionally the best the church has found, and the candidate accepts the church’s offer.



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