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The J. Arthur Group is led by John Emanuelson, a seasoned recruiter with over twenty five years of successful experience. John loves being a recruiter, and he is eager to help churches that need outstanding candidates as well as pastors that have identified the need to move to greater opportunities. 

John typically finds potential candidates by networking. That is, when requested to find a Senior Pastor to fill a vacant position he will start by contacting the group of pastors that he has developed over the years to obtain their recommendations of the most capable candidates, he will then contact the people they have recommended and interview them, and he will then submit the best people that fit the need he is seeking to fill. One advantage to the church that works with John is that he is approaching pastors that are typically not seeking a new position. That is, they're generally happy where they are, they're successful and challenged, and our experience is that the group oftentimes represents a high level of competence and effectiveness.

John is equipped to identify qualified senior pastors, executive pastors, as well as associate pastors of worship, outreach, youth, children, and more. Should your church hire a candidate referred by The J. Arthur Group the fee is quite reasonable. There are guarantees built into the fee structure, as well, and there are no upfront charges. The church only pays a fee if the candidate referred by The J. Arthur Group is unconditionally the best the church has found. 

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