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The J. Arthur Group is a recruiting firm that exclusively represents pastors. John Emanuelson is the principal of the firm, and he has more than twenty-five years of recruiting experience that was primarily accumulated in the competitive Silicon Valley market in California.


John has sought out many of the characteristics of excellence, and he selects for representation only those potentail candidates that have an abundance of the list of such characteristics. He believes he is paid to submit only superior candidates, and that's what he does.


John typically finds potential candidates by networking. That is, when requested to find a pastor for a church, he will start by reaching out to his contacts to identify the ones that are the most capable. Recommendations of present or former co-workers have a high value in the recruiting business.


An advantage of working with John is that he approaches pastors that are customarily not seeking new positions. They are generally happy where they are, they're successful, and they're challenged. John's experience is that such individuals usually represent a higher level of competence. 


Our fees are set by the standard in our industry, so a fee based upon twenty percent of the annual salary of the person that is hired is due thirty days after the person has started in his or her new position. If the person leaves their new position within the first thirty calendar days for any reason, no fee is due. There are no upfront charges when working with our firm. The church will only pay a fee to The J. Arthur Group if the candidate referred by our firm is unconditionally the best the church has found, and the candidate accepts the church’s call.


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